Become a Partner

Become a Partner

If you want the reward you must also have the punishment; the only way to get out of the punishment is to give up the reward. The only way of getting out of misery is by giving up the idea of happiness, because these two are linked to each other. On one side there is happiness, on the other there is misery. (Swami Vivekananda, Karma Yoga, Chapter 7)

Thank you for showing interest in Partnership!

We unite with the corporate sector, philanthropies, foundations and others to achieve sustainable change for the deserving. Whether it’s through strategic programmatic funding, by leveraging a company’s core expertise and networks, or by working with industries to promote principles in responsible business practices.

Our Partnership can be of 3 types:

  • You Already secured Fund: You have project plans and also got sponsors to fund the projects. In that case, we can be involved immediately. You share with us your requirements, we design the solutions and execute the solutions after your approval.
  • We have Fund: For some of our projects, we may have already secured funds, but we need implementation partners. You can fill that vacuum and help us implement the project jointly.
  • You Have Plan, but no Fund: We can discuss the project, finalise the project plans and then jointly submit the project proposals to the prospective donors and secure funds to implement the project jointly.

Partnership with Local Community

  • We mobilise Local Community: We mobilize the local people and help them democratically form a Trust Committee with majority votes.
  • Committee Legalises the Local Trust: We provide all required legal and logistic support to form the trust and register it legally, if not done earlier.
  • We sign MOU with Local Trust: We sign a memorandum of understanding with the local Trust to proceed further and to prepare a lease agreement.
  • Local Trust forms Executive Committee: The Local Trust conducts an election to form the Executive Committee as per rules and regulations.
  • We sign a Lease Agreement with the Local Trust: We prepare the lease draft with the advice of the legal experts and then sign a lease agreement with the local trust.
  • We License our Brands to the Local Trust: We provide yearly licenses to the Local Trust to use our Brands and related materials.
  • We arrange Investors: We provide guarantees and arrange Investors for long term investments for 6 years and more.
  • We develop property: With the fund collected from the Investors, we develop the property for long-term business according to the local requirements.
  • We mobilise Entrepreneurs: We mobilize the local businessmen and Entrepreneurs for running capitals and facilitates the business incubation.
  • We provide logistical support: We facilitate the business, provide all logistics support, arrange all Technology and management Support to make the business successful.
  • Entrepreneurs run the business: Local Businessmen / Entrepreneurs run the business for 1 year and generate revenue and part of the revenue are deposited in a common fund on a weekly basis for future sharing.
  • We train and employ local people: To run all these businesses and projects, We train local people and employ them in these projects from the pool of trained local people.
  • Evaluation at New Season: At the start of the new year, all the business projects are evaluated and are taken necessary actions to correct problems/ mistakes.
  • Renewal of Licenses for Another Year: We renew the Licenses for another Year for businesses that are sustainable.
  • Revenue is shared in project-end: At the year-end, revenue is shared among  Entrepreneurs, Local Trust and KarmaYoga Trust as per the agreed agreement.